With every selected piece of wood, every skillfully crafted part and with every strummed chord, there are people behind every finely crafted Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar. Craftsmen and women with a passion for what they do and love. Built with the same passion you have every time you pick up a guitar and feel the desire to play. Simon & Patrick guitars continue to inspire and have been doing so for over 35 years.

Every Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar is made with the utmost focus on sound and quality. Certain common features throughout the line emphasize this ideal, such as only using select solid tops allowing for maximum response and a full rich sound. However, it’s not enough just to say we offer a solid top on our guitars. This is why we at Simon & Patrick have taken the importance of a solid top beyond the norm by featuring “Select Pressure Tested Solid Tops” on all S&P guitars.

We use a custom finish on each Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar. The end result is stunning and was newly named “Custom Polished Finish.” This Custom Polished finishing process is used on both high gloss and semi gloss guitars and not only provides extra protection against scratches and pick marks but is aesthetically the most beautiful acoustic finish the company has ever produced.

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